Back in Peak District

August 16, 2018

Near the peak Mam

we find a parking space for the night and climb one by one – one always remains in the car – to the view point on Mam Peak.

Rauf zum Gipfel des Mam Peak
The path to the top of the Mam Peak

We need to increase food supplies again and also look for a campsite.

At noon we reach New Mills Camping, where we get no empty pit, but get electricity for 2 hours for a whopping of £ 5. So that way our batteries are full again and we can have a few days off camp sites with just battery power from Big Fredi again.

First, we are heading for the familiar, but for Lisbeth boring place in Goyt Valley. After Lisbeth has manifested her displeasure feeling about this place, we opt for another parking lot, which may cost £ 1 at night, but promises a hiking trip the next day. The daily fees cost us again £ 5, in the evening we have already fed the parking meter with 2.20 £ . Therefore I “had” me to get change by buying 2 pieces of cake.

We quickly lose interest in an ever so nice trip and head with Big Fredi to a new place for overnight parking. Actually, it must be a proper big place for Big Fredi. As handsome as he is, he always needs pretty much space.

August 17, 2018

The Blue John Cavern

offers free on site parking. A tour of the world-famous because unique cave fails because of the high entry fees. A little walk near the cave over the hill, past bleating sheep tires us quickly by the sudden warm weather and the 3 hours hike over the hills is inviting only in our imagination.

At 16:30 both the cave and the cafe next door close and suddenly all is quiet around us. Only the sheep dare back on the road where the grass seems to taste better and no hikers cross paths. Loud bleating they tell each other what they have experienced during the day it seems.

We remain in the same parking lot and walk the next morning,

August 18, 2018

The three hours of peak walk

The clouds have now gained weight, some of them cannot hold their weight and let her damp fog swaths as down on us. Besides it almost blows us from the mountain. Sometimes the storm is so gusty that we can move almost exclusively on all fours forward. But somehow makes it incredibly fun to expose yourself to the forces of nature and we are deeply satisfied and get down safe from the mountain.

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Scotland, rain and the search continues

August 16, 2018

Today – after 4 days of rain

for the first time we have seen the sun again and – even warmed us. We certainly enjoyed about 20 degrees and we could enjoy to be outside despite the wind.
You want to know how the drawing of Stuart was? Strange but true:
Let’s start with:

August 12, 2018

On Sunday we left the small but beautiful campsite Linwater

(after only one night for filling electricity and water) in the pouring rain which changed into strong drizzle every once in a while, and went to the agreed meeting with Stuart – the fishermen – in the parking lot of the channel not far from the campsite.

We waited.
And waited.

Wilfried waiting in the rain for Stuart

Stuart must have been lost in the pub. So Stuart Number 2 also has let us down.
For some ships the weather was not too bad and a group of young people stopped for a moment at the landing area.

Thumbs up for the Project

Big Fredi naturally had all attention.

When they parted, all of them waved friendly.

Even for some paddlers and cyclists it was not too wet. In the drizzle more or less moderately rain packed they seemed to enjoy their hobby.

So we spent the night from Sunday to Monday at the canal close to the water. Meanwhile, we have already become accustomed to the late-arriving engine running music boxes (= cars of teenagers) even if they disturb us.

13. August 2018


we used to introduce ourselves for face Europe in Jupiter Artland. Unfortunately, we were refused. After a short walk through the “Artland” in the afternoon and a siesta Big Fredi brought us further south into the far corner of the origin of the Ayr River – still in Scotland. The neighbour of the car park has self established rules for each visitor of the parking lot.
So for us it is: “but no camping“! As if we had even thought about „camping outside“ in the bad weather.


August 14, 2018

On Tuesday morning,

when the rain just paused, we enjoyed a walk around the reservoir. Two grumpy old men sat on a park bench and gave us the opportunity to learn something of their Scottish hatreds against the English and Irish. One of them spat in disgust from the word Englishman, which should express the distaste for these people.

The bench of the old men

We never heard a British person speak in that way against the Scots.
Well, that much about peace in the world.
As soon as we had finished our walk, the rain began again.
For the next night we wanted to get a spot in the Lake District. The picturesque lakes were hidden behind a thick curtain of rain, the lake villages were crowded with tourists and too narrow for parking of Big Fredi.
As we turned into a parking lot outside in the woods in the evening, we were warmly welcome by a nice Australian couple who was just their fourth day with on the way in their new motor home. Their trip shall last 11-month and will go all over Europe. The two people – Sindy and Adam – accepted our invitation for a chat with us in Big Fredi. We wish them good luck and a great trip! Maybe we meet again!

August 15 2018


Evening. A tiny place. A village with a barely recognisable center, an inn (Black Horse), a fish and chips shop, a hairdresser, a grocery store and of course a coffee house. Two churches, a settlement of 300 new houses. And similar circumstances of village life as ours. Those who participate in the very generous village and church life are always the same. Some people of the “new” settlement (almost 15 years) were never seen in the village. This told me a gracious lady who I (Lisbeth) met in the church.

August 16, 2018

We can finally enjoy the sun being back.

And take the chance of the good weather for a further search for Ray. Uphill, along pastures, over the railway track we arrive at long hill. Nowhere we can find him. We call him. But he does not hear us. If he sits in the train that rushes past us?
Or is he in the plane? The helicopters assist us in the search.
Peak District is like a magnet for us. It stands for wild nature. Hills as if they made of wool, so soft, only sheep and cows inhabit the vastness …

Also see the Movie “Searching for Ray part 2”

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Searching for Ray

7. August 2018

We are still waiting for Ray. Are worried and start looking. 

What happened to him?

Did he get lost? Was he kidnapped? Where can he be?


Is he gone this route?
Is he gone this route?

Suddenly Stuart appears, is totally interested in a portrait, wants to show his daughters how a portrait is done, will be there on Wednesday with his daughters. 

Wednesday, 8. August 2018 

Stuart also not appeared. Has he something to do with Ray? He, too, remains untraceable. We must continue and expand our search. We have no choice. 

Our sleuth Fredi sniffs him in the coastal area. So we drove about 200 km to the northeast to Bempton. 

The gannets in the crevices have inspired us. No one from the guards has got time to have his portrait done. We had almost forgotten about Ray and move on to the picturesque fishing and artists place Steithes which was once the largest port in the east. 

Back to our search: Barry has also not seen Ray. 

On Sunday in all over Steithes the voluntary sea rescue have a fair. They organise a duck race with plastic ducks for fundraising and on Sunday you cannot move in the harbour area. They expect quite a lot of visitors. 

We certainly will not find Ray in this crowd. After a hint from the tourist information, Ray could currently reside in Scotland and we move on.


August 10, 2018 

further north after our Fredis have spent two nights and a full day on the free parking of Steithes. 

We have crossed the border to Scotland and arrived in a completely different country. 

See the Video Searching for Ray – part 1


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Who is Ray?

In the middle of the forest we met him.

Tomorrow he will come to the same place and will be the next face

of Face Europe. Wow, tomorrow he will sit portrait and we will find out who he is.
We are overwhelmed how quickly he has decided and look forward to tomorrow. 

What will he tell us tomorrow?

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we feel more and more at home

Sunday, August 5th

Again a  wonderful, uncharacteristic English summer day.

It is hot, dry and cloudless.

We sit on the outskirts of Sheffield in the garden of the “Three Merry Lads,” a Pub with a large parking lot where we can load up water and electricity in return for a consumption of a meal. 

We will be happy when the wonderful smells coming from the kitchen will soon materialise in our stomachs. The first English pub food we will consume soon. Furthermore you will learn in our next blog… 

Yesterday we were finalising all the details for the Face-Europe project being held from 25th-27th August and the two workshops on 1st and 2nd September in Greenmangallery in Buxton.
Now it is our part to send the details of the project and the workshop for the poster and the online advertising Caroline does for us. We fully trust in Caroline’s professionalism, empathy and literary skills. 

After the obligatory filling up the food storage in Buxton we continued north to Sheffield.
Because of a strange neighbour in his car next to us we left the idyllic parking place at midnight:
The man in his car never left his car for hours, and when it was dark, you could see that he had a dim light seemingly from a cell phone or laptop. Again and again he reached for a bottle, drinking, smoking one cigarette after the other. 

When he – obviously he began to freeze – started the motor of his car and left it running for an hour, we took flight. 

A few kilometers further, there was supposed to be another place for the night in the forest next to a lake. As it was already pitch dark, we missed the driveway and ended up in a dead end with no possibility to turn back. A young Algerian who wanted to build up himself, at dawn stood next to us and claimed he was from the Security. Fortunately, our Big Fredi has a reverse gear, and we pushed back and found the parking lot, we had actually looked for at midnight. 

Breakfast … no water in the tank any more.

Therefore, we are now 3 km away from the parking place in the woods at the pub “three merry lads” and if we soon get something to eat, there will be more stories of our trip…

England is getting smaller:

when we came into the parking lot of the pub this morning, there was a camper there already. The driver, Andrew, lives 3 miles from Desborough away. Mark lives in Desborough. We met him in Ramsey at the first face-Europe portrait and in September he will organise a face-Europe event in his hometown. Andrew would like to be painted. We exchanged e-mail addresses and see if he has time on September, 18 or 19 to be painted in Desborough. 

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A happy day!

We woke up in the morning still in a dreamy lake scenery,

later in the morning we ended up in the vibrant city life of Buxton. With Caroline Small we met exactly the right person.
As an event manager, she works voluntarily for the “Greenmangallery” in
Buxton and was immediately hooked on Face Europe. On 25th, 26th and 27th August, either in the courtyard of the gallery or in the first floor of the gallery, portraits and stories for Face Europe will arise.

It shows again the great appreciation and enthusiasm for Face Europe. It does really feel well to get the benevolent and sincere admiration for Face Europe. 

Big Fredi is also very proud of us and hums quite good again.

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Landscape, Nature, Relaxing…

Spent two wonderful and relaxing days in the Peak District National Park

in a beautiful quiet nature.   If we would not want to paint we would stay longer and enjoy the silence.


Our request to continue our “Face Europe” project in Buxton has received immediate positive response and we feel very welcome. We were immediately offered several options. Tomorrow we will look at the site of the Pavilion Gardens to see if we all – Big Fredi, Lisbeth, Little Fredi and all the cameras and the painting materials – have space and a painting action could take place there and then find out when it would be most convenient for all.

quiet lake

Also our video (in 2 parts) of the first face-Europe portraits can be seen on YouTube, to subscribe and to likeit, if you had enjoyed it:
Facebook Europe first portrait Part 1
Facebook Europe first portrait Part 2


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