Germany reached

Blog entry April 1, 2020

Today we were up already early and ready to continue travelling. 

The journey under blue sky and on little frequented roads went smoothly. 

An American school bus, apparently to be converted into a restaurant, aroused our curiosity. The work is currently – as all activities in tourism enterprises – stopped. However, photography is not prohibited and so we stopped Big Fredi to get a picture of the big road cruiser. Looks really fascinating, such a bus.

Just in time for rush hour we finally reached the German border. 

The last kilometer went at walking pace. The policeman checked our passports and wanted to know the destination of our journey. That was it and we were already done with the control. 

Since we are now quite legally on the road with our registered 5 tonner, we now allow ourselves to drive on the motorway. There is incomparably more going on on Germany’s roads than in any other country we have driven through so far. You don’t really notice much difference to normal traffic.

Also on the sidewalks, on footpaths and in the parks people walk in packs and you are surprised about the many extended families. 

Good that we can safely hide in Big Fredi. During a short walk around the small Stadtrainsee in Waldkirch I pulled my scarf over my mouth and nose. All the people we met were without mouthguards.

A water turtle was bathing motionlessly in the wonderful sunrays. 

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Alsace we are coming!

Blog entry 24/09/2019

After 2 more days through the hilly wine country west of the Black Forest, we have now arrived Saint Louis

Sophie, who invited us to Alsace a few weeks ago, has agreed with the Cultural Department that we can stand in front of the town hall with Face Europe. 

This works pur very straightforward. 

erste Übernachtung von FACE EUROPE in Frankreich – Am Rhein in Saint Louis

Last night we shared the parking lot at the Rhine in Village-Neuf with a few Romas. But they were peaceful. Without musical accompanying. 

Grilled alone, leaving their garbage collected. 

Early the next morning in front of the town hall we made the acquaintance with the Swiss editor of Alsace-Gazette.

Face Europe in front of the City Hall from Saint Louis

He promised to inform his colleague from France, who is the editor of the newspaper „L’Alsace“. An hour later, both came back together and Jean-Christophe made a date for Thursday for a face Europe session. He will interview us and write the story for his newspaper into his Computer during the session while he is being portrayed . Nothing could be better  than that!

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Many visits, a new family member and historical ski jump in the summer

Blog entry 19/09/2019

Since Falkenberg we visited two other families

In Berlin we were at Sabina and Simon and their own two and one borrowed dog. It was very funny and entertaining. In addition, we gained four more portraits.

Face Europe no 80 Simon
Face Europe no 80 Simon-after 80 min
Face Europe no. 81-Sabina-after 100 min
Face Europe no. 82-Mareike-after 35 min
Face Europe no. 82-Mareike-after 100 min
Face Europe no 83-Renate-after 100 min

Simons portrait on the front of Big Fredi was immediately recognized by all neighbors and they called out in surprise: what has Simon got to do with art? And “Wat is dat with the bears?”

Simon’s portrait on big Fredi

Unfortunately, Sabina has to serve 3 more years as a teacher before the two can go on trips with their fancy mobile home. We wish her nothing but lovely students and little trouble with the authority and unnecessary changes and that the two stay healthy and they can travel again with their dogs. For now, the fall holidays are coming closer. 

Further west, we continued to Petra and Dieter in Mesum. We got to know them in Besalú and we met them a few more times in Spain and Portugal last year. Now we enjoyed their hospitality for three days and enjoyed every minute. 

Sporting challenges such as cycling and walking were rewarded with the finding of wonderful parasol mushrooms. We cooked them together in the outdoor kitchen and enjoyed eating together. 

Since Berlin there was a break in Face Europe. 

However, our family of bears got a new member: it’s a girl: Gisela is her name and she is a gift from Petra. She is so cute, our little girl. A real bear girl. The family has again warmly welcomed her. Especially Burli cares best for his new sister.

New in the Family – Gisela

The two are already planning something together. 

On Monday we left Mesum and are now on the road to Vieux-Ferrette in Alsace. Slowly we went south through beautiful landscapes and found quite useful spaces for the night. 

A city parking place in Buren, a place on the River Lahn, a place just outside of Ludwigshafen at a lake. All places super quiet and pleasant. 

Today we made a trip to the Black Forest. Now we are at the foot of the ski jump from the last century. The jump was built in 1908.

Big Fredi vor der Schanze

A woman who had come here told us that her father had won a ski jump competition with the incredible range of 25 meters in the 1920s. There is an old photo of him on which the jump was recorded. Whether the arms were stretched before or after the body had remained unclear. The two will now investigate the picture in more detail. The woman had come here especially to show this hill to her partner in nature.

In the evening, a mobile home with 2 German men also joined us: Father and son Alex and Sebastian. We met over a glass of wine. Very nice and interesting travelers. 

The night promises to be quiet but cold. After all, today we climbed up to almost 1000 m.

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