• What is your itinerary, when is Face Europe where? 
  • our current location can be seen on the website at the bottom. 
  • We have only a rough idea how our route runs and let us gladly forward of occasions. 
  • – Which country is approached as the next also depends a lot with seasons and weather, we generally try to portrait in the southern European countries in winter, the northern countries in summer and the rest in between. 
  • – 2 to 3 months is our conception of time that we intend to spend in a country. In Central Europe, that is all between North and South, we will have often shorter stays.
  • how long will the project last?
  • – 5 years were planned for this – at the moment we are already in our 5th year and have only reached a third of our goal, so it will still take a few more years.
  • What can I contribute to the project? 
  • You can have a portrait of yourself done or recruit people who want to be part of this exceptional project themselves. 
  • – You can provide us places where we can paint 
  • – You can provide us electricity if possible 
  • – you can subscribe our YouTube Channel, Like it, write comments and redistribute
  • How can I contact Face Europe? 
  • The easiest way is via the contact form, a brief description of your concern, we will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • What happens to the pictures?
    – The portraits go to the collection of Face Europe,
    – after five years project time to a European-wide  exhibition is possible.
  • How or Who funds Face Europe?
    – Facebook Europe is a non-profit project and does not receive any public funding, Wilfried Köng and Lisbeth Löffler bring the funds for Face Europe themselves (Diesel costs, canvas, oil paints, drawing material, data storage, etc.)..
  • I’m in an art club, Face Europe would give a portrait demonstration or organize a workshop?
    – Yes, of course, this is another way to fund the project.
    Email us and we will discuss the  details.
  • What is my benefit of Face Europe?
    Fun to be painted. Get the possibility to talk about me and my country. Be part of an extaordinary project.

If you have other questions please do not hesitate to come back to us: Contact

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