So still much to do

When can we get started?

There are still so many things to be done. But also many project have been achieved: Big Fredi got white color on the inside walls and ceiling, a closet was devided into two to make it more practical, new faucets, both big fat batteries renewed after we almost burnt big Fredi with a defected battery. A new cupboard with mirror front was built into the bathroom, new practical cupboards and little handy things here and there.
Outside color has been sprayed in a bright yellow, the rest with blue will follow.

Marketing material will arrive on Monday. T-shirts with the logo are ordered from our nice neighbour Roswitha.

What else is missing?

The insolation on the backside of our studio has to be done. The vegetable garden has to be harvested. Also the water barrel and some pallets have to be brought home from there.For this Martin has offered us his help with his tractor.

Tomorrow our friends will arrive from Carinthia. They will live in our house for the next 2 months. Thomas, who is also an artist has an exhibition in the abbey Dürnstein:ürnstein/

This exhibitin is a must for you if you want to see something very special.

What we still need: 

A foto camera, an laptop, a fotovoltaic panel on the roof of big Fredi, wow!

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