6. September 2018

Tomorrow it has been two weeks now that we have parked Big Fredi in front of „thegreenmangallery“ and I have to admit we have really fallen in love with this wonderful town, the gallery and its welcoming people.

It was such a warm welcome and great understanding and support of Face Europe all the way through. We are so thankful for this kick off in UK.

The Bank Holiday weekend was full of work for us.

Thanks to the gallery we could go inside and warm our models as well as ourselves. It was nasty cold and wet outside.

Wilfried drew and painted 6 people and all of them can be watched on YouTube.

Derek, charcoal on Paper

The speed version is finished of all of them, yet the long version still has to come step by step. The range in age was really fabulous. The youngest model was 3 months old and her mother talked in her name. The oldest person is 89 years old.

after the first drawing felt Sarah-Jayne in sleep

If you watch the movies on YouTube, please give us your comments, thumbs up and subscribe our channel. What fun it will be for you to get the newest movies!

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