Buxton we come

19. – 29. August 2018

Hello my dears! We’re back. 

It was an exciting time and a lot to do. 

From the exit from the camp in New Mills until the beginning of Face Europe weekend in Buxton there really is not much to report. 

A low bridge blocked Big Fredi from travelling to Miller’s Dale and we had to turn back. So there was a wide spot on the road near Tunstead as parking lot for 2 days and nights. The storm rattled on Fredi. You felt like on a ship. A cold front with rain and storm that hit throughout Europe did not stop in front of the island. How fortunate that we have a heating, water and enough power on board. 

On Friday, 24 August, we finally rode into Buxton and got into the parking lot of Greenmangallery, as agreed. 

Caroline – our good spirit and supporter of Face Europe helped us immediately. Because of the low temperatures it makes sense to work in the workshop space of the gallery. Outside, it gets more and more uncomfortable and wet. 

You have to slowly move from summer mode to the autumn mode. However, it feels almost like winter when the temperature drops like this. 

Nevertheless, once inside it’s cozy and the first Buxtoner to be drawn is Caroline’s mother. 

The next days Wilfried produced one or two pictures a day and we learn a lot about the life and history of the people. 

Today it is especially exciting again, as the youngest participant at the tender age of 3 months is portrayed while we will lead a conversation with her mother. 

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