On Monday, 17 September, we were awakened by loud falling acorns that popped on Big Fredi’s roof from the storm.
Until it was a quiet night, no noise-making youths. Just pleasant and quiet.
We now had all day Monday available to come to Kettering and to have a look at the city.

On the way there, only a few miles away, we come to a side road and experienced the following scenario:
Who can tell us whether this is a hawk, a falcon or a completely different animal. If you look very closely – you can see how brutal nature is. The victim that was dismantled here was still alive.

We spent a few pounds on the municipality, to stand in the parking lot and Wilfried used the library to load Caroline’s film up to YouTube using free Wi-Fire. In the meantime, Lisbeth was browsing through old views of Kettering and maps that showed a great scale.
In the Italian restaurant in the city, called “Wildwood” we enjoyed an excellent three course meal. We were so tired and it tasted so delicious. We could not imagine being able to eat something within the next 3 days.

At Vodafone we complained the consumption of gigabytes unused by us and after many e-mails with the headquarters a credit of 6 gigabytes was transferred to our SIM card. We shall continue to monitor whether it happens again that credit disappears, although the router is switched off.
When it came towards the end of business hours and we insisted not to go before the problem would be solved, all went very quickly and when we asked on the way out if they are already closing, the answer was: “7 Minutes ago“!

Actually we wanted to stay in the parking lot in Kettering. It appeared calm and we made ourselves comfortable, when suddenly another rude guy appeared with his „bowl“ in the parking lot, widely open doors and turned up his music in full volume. That was enough reason for us to us disappear again.
To find another place in the dark is far more difficult than it is in daylight. So we went straight to Desborough, parked on the first best place on a side road and were able to sleep very well. The wind whipped the soft branches of the weeping willows on the Big Fredi’s beautiful skin, but I hope he has forgiven us not to find a belter.

We had an appointment at 10 am at Lesley and Mark and Lisbeth was allowed to wash her hair and take a shower. The gas reserves in Big Fredi are close to zero and the risk of having no hot water in the middle of shampooing, was just too big.

Mark was kind enough to bring us to a garden store to organize a new English loaning gas bottle. The only one that fit on our adapter, was filled with only 4.5 kg, but would be reserved till Friday for us if we can not find a bigger one in the meantime.

At 1:00 pm Liz was then ready to be painted by Wilfried. Fine that always people came in and discussed with Liz and us.
The efforts of the 3.5 hour painting and subsequent cleanup were rewarded by a delicious Indian dinner to which Mark and Lesley had invited us.
After starter and main course we were so pleasantly full and it had the correct spiciness, which we both like so much.

The next day a portrait workshop was held, in which we all very well comfortable.

Thank you Mark and Lesley, what have you done for us: to find Liz, who was painted, to give us a parking space and power, to organize a workshop in your “Desborough Men’s Shed” for a day for four participants.
Even a radio interview you had organized! Wow! Really great! Thanks Mark!
Also thank you for all your help to drive us to the camping shop and the art store before we left on Thursday.

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