The journey is the reward


spent more than 3 weeks in Big Fredi

and it seems as if we have always lived like this. The toilet and the shower make life very comfortable and leave no stress arise. We have the few technology well in hand, life is reduced to the essentials:

  • What should we do?
  • How can we communicate face Europe next?
  • Where are we going?
  • What we need to buy?
  • Is there sufficient power?
  • Have we got internet?

Yesterday we were addressed by our camping neighbours as Wilfried and Lisbeth and highly praised for what we do here. Wilfried has completed the movie for upload to YouTube, but it should be compressed. For this he would like to download a program from the Internet. Vodaphone would like to get our bank account number so it can be determined whether Wilfried is age over 18 and hence is allowed to do that. Rules and regulations everywhere. I bought as an adult the SIM card in a Vodaphone business, but they still need to unlock from our side to use Vodaphone data download from the Internet. To do that, they want to know our bank account number. As if that were an obstacle for children  to get a hold of an account number.

Privacy on the one hand, limits, rules and restrictions on the other side.

It seems that English people had exaggerated fear of doing something wrong. Swimming in ponds, rivers and lakes, for example, is considered so dangerous that it is simply forbidden. The owner of waters is warned that he may be held liable for accidents. There is an association for the reintroduction of the “wild swimming”, a completely come out of fashion leisure.

For this, the UK is a safe country. Civil society looks meticulously to ensure that all Rules and Regulations are complied with. Therefore adults are still pointing and rebuke young people prohibitions. Not that young people would be different than ours and always stick to it. For this purpose they are there to protest against rules. Only in this way developmentcan take place.

Our last few days were no glitches, but also not very noteworthy.

As Lynn, the owner of the campsite, asked us to leave the place in Bill Fen Marina, we have reduced our “tent” in front of Big Fredi, that is rolled in the wonderful awning, tables and chairs were packed and everything vibration-proof stowed for the onward journey. We have well-managed before the big rain. We intended to go not far. 

Fully packed with electricity and water, we were able to further film cutting behind Tesco hidden about 1 km away and spend two days and two nights at no additional cost. Where else truck drivers in their big trucks spend their resting or sleeping hours, we felt safe. And shopping was as close as at home to get to the Dorfgschäft.

Now we landed at a campsite and the reason is as follows:

We need a lot of power for cutting films. We are still looking for a solar system for Big Fredi. If anyone has any ideas on how we can get one, please inform us. So far we have only found appendices in the Internet, but we do not have a home address in UK where the parts could be sent to.

Since we want to be independent of expensive campgrounds really, we need about 400 Wp on Big Fredi’s roof. We also have not found spaces in the UK such as in Germany so far that release electricity on coins.

In addition, yesterday was „Major Laundry Day“.

Therefore, we are on “Fields End Water Camp” (, a paradise for anglers. Very well-maintained complex, as always friendly people and natural beauty with 2 fish ponds.

Fish in the English Lake District need not fear for their lives. They are returned back into the water after being caught in the pond. There are special hooks that are supposedly easy on the fish.

Different countries – different customs.

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