Crossing to the “island”

Sunday, July 15, 2018
Finally, after a long search, we catch the ferry from Dunkirk to Dover.

For 155 € we are on board. Long boarding time for the ferry – it takes 1 hour, then 2 hour of crossing, during which the football World Cup counteracts its peak.

Then we are called out right now: left-hand traffic, no idea where we want to go. Then entering a free parking space to the Navigation system. Since the Navi takes the quickest route we end up in Church Street, a steep one-way leading up road which leaves next to Fredi only centimeters to the cars. At the upper end of the road we should turn to the right, which was virtually impossible according to the rules of mathematics. The neighbour recommends to take the left path, her husband also equally helpful gives maintenance while Lisbeth prevents from to swinging into the wall.

For now relief, but then again the next corner shows too many cars parked. Do we have to stay here overnight – wait until the cars disappear Monday morning? No, a neighbour agrees to move his car and even responds a very polite way.
We decide to remove the option: “fastest route” from the navigation system.

Our goal Kearnsey Abbey, Russell Gardens can be achieved without further thrills.
A wonderful English garden and a good night compensate us for the first exciting miles on English roads.
Everywhere only friendly and courteous people.

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