Wer ist Ray?

Mitten im Wald trafen wir ihn.

Er wird morgen an dieselbe Stelle kommen und das nächste Gesicht

von Face Europe sein. Wow, morgen wird er Porträt sitzen und uns erzählen, wer er ist.
Wir sind überwältigt wie schnell er sich entschlossen hat und freuen uns auf morgen. 

Was wird er morgen erzählen?

8 thoughts on “Wer ist Ray?

  1. Alexandra Oleinik says:

    Such a wonder!!! Great and pleasent to read! Waiting for more of your adventures!!! Good luck!

  2. Artyom says:

    Look forward to read a story of secret Ray ))) !!!
    Thank you so much for your blog!

  3. Michael says:

    Tomorrow is yesterday, and Ray didn’t appear, it seems.
    Is he really physical? Like Artyom, I suspect he’s some secret, may be mystery – No! I got it! He’s an X-Ray! Everywhere, and nothing.
    So, dear Wilfried, you IMHO have a sophisticated challenge, which is painting every thing. Wish you good luck in that.

    Hoping all readers in the www capable recognizing jokes
    Michael, deliverer of the Mischmaschin.

    Hug you both.

    1. Wilfried says:

      We think it is not a joke. Mystery Ray is physical, we know that, we have seen him, but…

  4. Artyom says:

    Wilfried !
    Can you please paint Ray as you remember him (graphcal scetch maybe)?
    It could be Ghost-secret-mistery portrait called „Rayexit“.
    I would like to see his face !
    And Michael would believe that Ray exists )))

  5. Mark Goff says:

    I am really sorry that two English guys have let you down. I hope you do not think that most of us are not reliable like this: I can promise you I will arrange a sitter for you when you come to Desborough. Enjoy Scotland.

    1. Wilfried Koenig says:

      Yes we know english people are very reliable. We love England and its people.
      We are looking forward to Desborough.


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