Over the mountains

27. November 2018

Well, we got out well from the mountains. In the morning we had frost on the wind shield (inside we had it nice and warm). Later we had a more and more beautiful ride between the mountains until we in got into a national park and at Saint Julien du Verdon we made some good pictures of a reservoir. 

We travelled over more mountain passes, then the Navi led us on a beautiful plateau of the Provence and to another national park of Verdon. Lavender fields on each side of the road, olive groves and almond orchards as far as you can see. The nice saleswoman in the lavender shop would have been almost ready to be painted. Well, soon we will have the first faces in Spain and Portugal. 

The next town we entered into the Navi system is Arles. There at our last year’s trip to Spain we had a special experience: we tried to find the parking space displayed in the “park4night” app and accidentally arrived on an uninhabited and rather dilapidated farmhouse right by the river. A thunderstorm with violent wind arose and the trees were bent and creaked dangerously. The craziest sounds could be heard from all sides and I was afraid to remove myself from the motor home to empty my bladder. What a blessing that we now have a toilet and a shower in Big Fredi!

We decided to stay in Sénas today after we successfully filled our water tank with 100 liters of water.

At the water pump chips were needed to fill the machine. These, of course, we did not have. When I asked in a building next to the parking lot where you can get these chips, I learned that one must buy them in the tobacco shop. Then a young man opened the box with the tokens, handed one of them to Wilfried and disappeared. We were able to get free 100 liters of water. A short walk into town did not inspire us particularly, but it was enough to purchase delicious baguette and a few small items. In the afternoon a storm already began. As we are moving closer it seems that for us Arles is connected to the storm. 

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