Caught a cold and waiting for Faces

Blog entry 02/02/2019

Never before has a cold lasted that short. The sea air has brought me back to health quickly.

But probably also it was Bettina’s magic bullet which was meant for my knee, that was one reason for my speedy recovery. 

One thing is for sure: I am top fit and healthy. 

The last few days we spent waiting for Paul, Gonzalo and Gabriel. Now there is the last chance in this week. By Friday we want to continue. At the beginning of the week we find out whether it is still Gabriel to be painted on Thursday and whether Paul has got time. 

Our friends Christl and Paul from Austria who stay over the winter in Benidorm, expect us as well. Meanwhile, February has arrived and we still want to see some other parts of Spain. 

The last two days we had heavy storms. In Big Fredi  we felt like in a ship. 

We also have got new neighbors. Michael from the Cologne area in his 40 years old Mercedes, a real cult vehicle and Christl from Bavaria with one of those new vehicles called only “white stuff” or “yoghurt pot”. Here Christl is a brave woman traveling alone, at the age of 59 years and after a lifetime “for the others” now discovered how beautiful it can be to take care of herself. 

This results in exciting and funny conversations, especially if you can laugh at yourself. 

At noon today we were invited by Bettina and Sven for a delicious paella. With sea food animals of all kinds! Simply delicious. She had been pre-ordered and we gathered at Navarro, a beach restaurant, and took the paella to the family home. There Helga was waiting for us and we were seven at the table. The paella was enthroned over many candles in the middle of the table in order not to cool down. The kids love the seafood very much. If I had served something like that to my children, none of my children would have even tried it. 

Thanks for the great invitation!

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