(Deutsch) Mica Surfboards – ein Profi aus Leidenschaft

Blog entry 24/03/2019

In Mica we met a strong personality.

A professional surfer who has stopped to participate in surf competitions at the age of 27 has founded his own brand with the support of his friends and met a new life goal. Besides surfing for fun, he runs his own label and shapes surfboards on demand. All handmade and in countless hours of work. He has remained modest and his boards stand out clearly from factory boards. Each of his boards is unique and with a lot of experience and intuition it will grant the board a long shelf life. 

Wilfried had actually already finished the portrait within half an hour, but it was so exciting to listen to Mica that he was still working out details and we listened to Mica. His English is excellent, as if it were his mother tongue. 

His girl friend and collaborator – Melanie, or also called Melli – assisted by taking pictures and movies of the scene.

She is a designer and “got stuck” at Mica‘s shop since her batchelor work last year. She enjoys it so much to live and work here, that she has decided to emigrate from Germany to Portugal. 

Melli was also portrayed the next day. She is a charming and interesting young lady. 

The two advised us to spend the night on the beach which turned out to be wonderfully quiet. And this was even on a weekend. 

We will spend the third night in a row here tonight. Then we will go on to Marco Mellow King, an Austrian surf school owner. The school is located in São Lourenço, about 10 km north of us. 

This morning we enjoyed a nice walk along the cliffs as far as the south bank of the Rio Lisandro. On its northern shore we stood before as already described. 

Our path led past a group of people with their offroad model cars which drove over the cliffs. For the owners an exciting race because the cars all had to take the same route. 

Now we enjoy to stay inside the car which is still cool. We had a bowl of soup and now we can chill a bit. 

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