Rio Lisandro becomes a lake

Blog entry 22/03/2019

The tranquility of the river delta of the Rio Lisandro is unique. 

The river changes its appearance with the tide and yesterday it had no more connection to the sea. It rose to a lake and the water rose. But before it came up to us there was  again a connection to the sea. 

The road from the place where we can be reached at, is a dead end road. Therefore, there is no through traffic. Also from the inhabitants of the houses there is hardly any sign of life. 

Jochen, our Belgian neighbor comes and goes without contacting us again. 

On Wednesday, we invited Sonja to dinner. She brought her son Tiago with her, an amiable and open-minded 13-year-old enthusiastic surfer. We made Topfenpalatschinken which the two liked very much. Sonja is a fine conversationalist and it was a shame that they had to leave soon. Tiago must be rested for school the next day. Sónia needed 45 minutes for her return trip. Perhaps we see them again before we leave Portugal. It feels so good  to get to know such people, and start friendships with them. 

Those Portuguese whom we have got to know so far, were all self-employed or about to start their own business and were very accurate with meeting deadlines. 

The prejudice of tardiness or unreliability we’ve just not experienced in Portugal. Uncharacteristically for the southern countries. 

People in Portugal also appeared to us very diligent. Good workers, ambitious and environmentally conscious. The ordinary workers on the beach who free the sand from flotsam greet or thank friendly with a smile, the answer often comes right in English. 

Yesterday we had to wash our clothes again and combined it with shopping as well as disposing and filling up fresh water. After that we moved on to Mica’s workshop, where we spent a quiet night. 

In the morning we got to know Mica. In the afternoon he will be here at the appointed time at 2 p.m.

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