German soil reached

Blog entry 04/06/2019

And it was a quiet night in Fromental.

In the morning I was signing the guest book as we were the first Austrian guests of this parking space and I gave the nice lady from the Universal Business 2 Face Europe cards. One for her personally and one for the guest book for gluing it in. 

We had a good trip passing Gueret, Montlucon, Moulins, got lost after Moulins and explored the countryside inadvertently off the highway. 

We reached Autun, a parking space on a lake, which was slightly uneven and did not appear perfect. We were just about to leave the car and explore the area by foot when we discovered three men pushing a car uphill in the parking lot. Wilfried immediately ran back and helped with the other men with an extra manpower strength to get the car started.  The lady should follow the instructions of the men. When this attempt failed and the other helpers were traveling only by bicycle, it was evident that Wilfried offered Big Fredi’s battery power to start the other car. Immediately the battery-week car started and the lady was thanking all the helpers. 

After this “good deed” we went on a walk around the lake. A cool breeze blew around our ears already. The nights are noticeably cool here. We walked around the lake and spotted a much better place, which was even and quiet next to the cemetery overlooking the lake. We changed our parking place

and slept quietly beside the corpses. 

This morning we walked around the cemetery, because behind there was an interesting old building with a beautifully decorated roof and right next to it you could see an ultra-modern glass roof. We wanted to see these buildings closer. Unfortunately, they are part of the ensemble of the military base and are thus excluded for us as visitors. 

Instead, we were allowed to look at the Roman Amphitheater for free. 

After that we went back on the road. 

Today is Saturday and it strikes us that there is no heavy traffic. 

We are making good progress, there is no truck traffic. Sometimes it seems as if we are alone on the street. 

We pass Dijon (does the mustard come from there?). 

Being afraid to starve over the weekend – it is Saturday and you never know if the shops will be open on Sunday we stop at Lidl in Gray. There we eat the snack I bought and then go on using pretty good and fast highways or expressways passing Vesoul, Lure and Belfort. 

In Belfort, our navigation system gets completely lost. A construction site and new highways confuse Tomtom . We drive in circles. After the third attempt we give up and enter into Navi “avoid highways”. Thus, highways are deleted. So we „slender“ on village roads in the tiniest villages between Froidelfontane, Dannemarie, Aspach le Bas, but had a great view of the still snow-capped peaks. 

Our parking lot, which I had picked out yesterday evening, we reached despite going on state roads even before it got dark. This place is already in Germany, in Müllheim. The first German words as we cross the border. It is always fascinating to see how everything changes when you enter another country.

Now there are only about 820 km left to drive home. In three days we will be home, if all goes well. 

Today’s pitch is the private parking lot of the Markgräfler herb farm, a huge business for goods with herbs of all kinds. Unfortunately, today it is already closed and so it will be tomorrow. Therefore no possibility to buy souvenirs. 

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