Poland in Giant steps

Blog post July 14 2019

On Thursday, July 11, 2019 at 18 o’clock after three months stopover in Austria, we finally set the ball rolling to the north.

What took us so long? The upgrading of  Big Fredi from a light truck up to 3.5 tonnes to an RV with a total gross weight of 5 tons. Our old Sir got new strong springs built in. Moreover Wilfried had to Go through the truck driver’s license Procedere along with annoying exams. The cost for this fun was enormous. For this we are now probably one of a few legal vehicles in the motorhome area on the road, which is not overloaded. Driving pleasure with the new springs has increased dramatically. The rocking is over. Big Fredi drives as if on rails. Also while the car is standing the rocking motion as before is history.

So we chugged since Thursday in small tranches up to the north of Poland. On Tuesday we are expected from our friends in Kaliningrad, where we will take a week off. After the long three months in Austria, the holiday will be good for us.

We are in the middle of a wooded area near Pruski, about 180 km from the border with Kaliningrad. It is very quiet here. During the day many people in the car or on bikes have passed the gravel road next to our place. Now it’s quiet again. Nothing can be heard or seen. The blueberries, which were left behind by the pickers are very small and dry. Taste is not exciting. It’s not really worth it to bend down for hours for a few berries. Perhaps our next pitch on a lake is a better choice.

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