A week of ups and downs 

Blog post August 22, 2019

Today is Thursday. The second week in Slupsk is almost beaten and was again very exciting

On Monday, Face Europe  portrait no. 66 was built with Jan.

Face Europe session no. 66 Jan / Poland
Face Europe session no. 66 Jan / Poland-after 38 min

Two fixed dates and one vague one for Tuesday had registered, but none of the three appeared. That was a little bit frustrating but for Wednesday we got a commitment and dates for Thursday and Friday. These dates were then met again.

Face Europe no. 67 Tomasz-after 50 min
Face Europe no. 67 Tomasz-after 87 min

And so we made it up to Portrait No. 69. 

Face Europe no. 68 – Pavel / Poland
Face Europe no. 68 – Pavel after 100 min
Face Europe no. 68 – Pavel when looking at his drawing

Portrait No. 70 is planned for tomorrow.

Face Europe no. 69-Wiktoria- after 93 min
Face Europe no. 69 Wiktoria / Poland

For no. 69 we got a lovely girl who was the youngest participant next to Lily in England, both of them being 9 years old.

Face Europe no. 10 Lily / UK

Funny that also Wiktoria since 3 years is living in England, as well as Wiktoria who sat there last week with us.

Face Europe no. 61 -Wiktoria / Poland
Face Europe no. 61 Wiktoria after 106min

She is 19 years old. And so we had the first equality of first names since the beginning of Face Europe.

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