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blog entry 14.11.2019

Yesterday morning

we got to know the Portuguese family with Pedro, Isa and their two daughters Luz and Luma (10 and 6 years old), when we stood at Intermarche and thought about our further way. They strongly recommended us to visit the coast at the lagoon Praia de Santo André, where they had just stood for 2 days. In addition, we exchanged telephone numbers in order to inform each other of our location. Pedro wanted to be portrayed gladly. So we drove to the beach of Santo André while Pedro’s family drove ahead of us to the south, where we wanted to meet again. 

The beach of Santo André was really beautiful and the lagoon and the sea invited us to take a walk. A stiff breeze, as always on the Atlantic Ocean, blew around our ears. Rather alternative campers stood there and one caught Wilfried’s eye right away: An 4-wheeler with two likeable Germans.

They invited us to their table, I packed my fruit salad with bowls and spoons and we dined together. Jonas and Luise are both veterinarians who want to travel to Africa and are now gaining experience for living together in a very small space. We agreed to meet again, because they also want to participate in Face Europe. 

Pedro gave us his location and we moved on to his place. It was a wonderful ride in the setting sun, which provided a great light to look at the nature and to take pictures, but it was very dazzling while driving. We bravely took a route through Santiago do Cacém following the navigation instead of driving on the motorway. Through cork oak and pine forests we went forever winding until we saw the sea again in Porto Covo. But the sun had already set and we just waved a hello to Pedro and Isa and filled our empty bellies. 

Today Pedro Guru (Guru is his nickname) was then in the afternoon with us and it developed a very authentic portrait with fantastic experiences from his life in the Caribbean and in Portugal.

Face Europe no. 102 – work in progress-pedro guru-after 50 min
Face Europe no. 102 – work in progress-pedro guru-after 90 min
Face Europe no. 102 – work in progress-pedro guru-after 120-min-finished
Face Europe no. 102 – work in progress-pedro guru-after 120-min-finished

Tomorrow Isa has signed up for a portrait. Luz, her 10 year old daughter is an exceptional talent in drawing. We were allowed to have a look at her works and were extremely impressed. 

In the evening Jonas and Luise announced themselves as our new neighbours, whom we can introduce to Pedro and Isa tomorrow. 

1 thought on “Face Europe family continues to grow

  1. Paul says:

    Schön, euch wieder verfolgen zu können! Es kommt mir vor, als hätte ich die P – Beiträge schon mal gelesen, aber es ist ja beinah 1 Jahr her, dass wir uns an der Algarve trafen und ich eure Gastfreundschaft genießen durfte. Es war eine schöne, unbeschwerte Zeit!!
    Nun bin ich schon neugierig, wie’s im (angeblich) coronagebeutelten Sicily weitergeht!
    Positiv denken + negativ bleiben!


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