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Blog entry 25.11.2019

We particularly enjoyed Odeceixe

We stayed there from 19. to 24.11.2019 and experienced all kinds of weather caprioles: heat, rain, storm and also very relaxed fair weather. Once in the middle of the night the gusty wind shook so much at Big Fredi’s side that Wilfried turned him 90 degrees and shifted the attack surface to the back. If we hadn’t been so wide awake, we would have slept well for the rest of the night. Instead, we waited for sleep until morning, but it didn’t want to adjust properly any more. Otherwise the place on the bank of the river Seixe is chosen as my favourite place. Equipped with water and food one can stand it here for a while. 

We spent a lot of time with Luise and Jonas. They travelled on after a few days and maybe want to meet us somewhere again.

jonas und louise in odeceixe

A nice walk on the cliff took place the day before yesterday in – almost – clear weather. First it had been too hot for us, then too rainy and only on the last day we set off. Only once we visited the shelter of a few trees from a few raindrops. This path is the coastal hiking trail, which must be beautiful but exhausting. One goes very much on sand and it goes uphill and downhill.

Yesterday (24.11., thus one month before Christmas) we left our parking place and set over a Lidl intermediate stop in Vila do Bispo and Intermarche intermediate stop in Sagres from the west to the south coast of Portugal. Sagres was for Wilfried immediately an abomination with its touristic flair. We did not go to the center of the city but turned in direction west to the coast to the last “corner” of Portugal. An old fort respectively a remnant of it offered us protection for the night.

altes Fort in Sagres

The lights of Sagres on one side and the lighthouse on the other side were the only light sources. Otherwise it was pitch dark when a camper van arrived later. The sea is much less stormy here and the waves are not high at all. Maybe a coincidence or rather the compass direction, if the westerly wind does not hit?

We will be able to follow that from now on. 

Meanwhile we are invited on Wednesday (the day after tomorrow) for lunch by Nikolas, to whom Wilfried repaired the table in Poland a few months ago. He is an Englishman with a Polish father and a passionate bridge player. He knows the area well and can certainly give us some hints. Not that we will discover the bridge game for us now, but he will have one or the other interesting hint, because he has been spending the winters here for years. 

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