Sagres, Lagos and the beaches in between

Blog entry 1. 12. 2019

We stayed one more night at the fort

Alone and undisturbed like all the other nights there. The next morning it was even warmer and I walked to the beach of Beniche while Wilfried converted our Big Fredi to “Moving Fredi”. What does all that mean? Well, washing dishes, cleaning, turning off water, closing windows and installing “Quick and Dirty”. What is that? A bar that prevents the roller shutters from opening. And because we were still assembling the provisional solution quickly, after we had already left Nußdorf but returned quickly, Wilfried named this solution “Quick and Dirty”. It must always be installed, otherwise the drawers will fall out of their moorings during the journey. Every bend: open – close. And that’s annoying.

Quick and Dirty

So we met after Wilfried’s work about 2 km further on the beach of Beliche, where already dozens of survers were fighting for the waves. Surfing would be nothing for us, as we are used to long turns and seemingly never-ending slopes from skiing. Such a wave carries the surfers only for a few seconds. Then they go swimming again. And surely it is mega exhausting. It costs no grief to observe it from the shore. 

On Wednesday we met Nicholas for a fish in a restaurant, to which he had already invited us in Poland. The joy of the reunion was great and the fish excellent. We all decided to go for dorado and were well served. Nicholas took us to the beach of Ingrina and introduced us to his “children”. A couple and a young man from the Netherlands. The couple – Leroy and Kady are travelling with a T2 VW bus from 1968, Kerry joined them and sleeps in the tent. We met them at a beautiful and spacious quiet wild pitch and spent 2 evenings together.

the Bus is from 1968

Leroy and Kady got a job in a diving school in Sagres. For Nicholas they were travel companions after working the summer at the same campsite in Italy. We spent some nice days and quiet nights at this beautiful site. 

The day before yesterday, on 29.11.2019, something which was often described on Park4night happened. The police knocked on our door at 9 o’clock in the evening, demanded our personal details and made it clear to us in perfect English that we were not allowed to spend the night here. It had astonished us the whole day that more and more cars disappeared and we shared the spacious place with only a few more. Somehow we both hadn’t shared our “gut feeling”.  We had no other choice than to pack up and drive the few kilometres back to Vila do Bispo and park on a big parking lot without any charm. 

That had at least the Lidl proximity as an advantage, so there were fresh bread rolls for breakfast in the morning. 

Now we have Nicholas’ folding chair in our car, which we want to give him back. So we will most likely meet him again Maybe tomorrow in Lagos. In the meantime he will get his bridge fever. 

A short disturbance front with downpours makes hiking rather uncomfortable. But we should go out and have a look at Lagos on foot. 

Then one can at least claim to have been there and not only to have circumnavigated it. 

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