An exciting journey home begins

Blog entry 26.3.2020

Ulrich had been standing next to us for the last few days and I was able to go for some nice walks with him.

On the day of our departure we filled both our cars, one after the other, with fresh water in Vila do Bispo and after the Lidl shopping we had to say goodbye. Without a hug it was a little strange. Simon also ran into us. 

We took another 8 km to Sagres to dispose of the toilet contents, check the air pressure in the tyres, fill up with diesel and change a gas bottle. Then we snacked our Lidl puff pastries at the picnic area near Vila do Bispo.

Further we went on to Carrapateira, where we also wanted to say goodbye to Klaus and our dear Sicilian friends. First to Wilfried and then to me tears came to our eyes when it was time to say goodbye to this dream. It had been such wonderful months and especially in this triangle: Carrapateira, Sagres, Lagos we found so many friends and spent such an intensive time together. Thanks to all our friends who made our stay here so special.

We were able to find the first kilometres of our journey effortlessly without navigation. 

The fountain with the delicious water of the Santa Suzanna spring gave us enough water which should last for the trip home. 

By then it was already almost 4 pm. 

In Odemira we switched on the Navi and it guided us on deserted and pleasant roads towards Beja. With only a small detour we reached the Barragem do Roxo, where we spent a very quiet night. 

This morning we went via Portel, Reguengos, Vila Vicosa and Elvas to the Spanish border. 

The formalities at the border were unspectacular, apart from the number of police officers and their appearance: Face masks, rubber gloves and a machine gun. We were the only ones at the border. A halfway good, at least endeavoured English speaking policeman, whose mouthguard slipped all the time, asked about our nationality and if we wanted to go home. He handed us a piece of paper with the date and time of our entry into Spain. He registered the number plate on his list which stayed with himself, it is not written on our note. 

From Badajoz we went very fast to Caceres and from there to the motorway. 

Only then we saw the first big truck. 

The landscape changed between lovely and varying with the first green of the vines and already harvested grain fields, pastures, forests and fields to stone deserts and huge stone mountains. 

On the motorway you are a lot faster, but the monotony makes you tired quickly. For me it would make less of a difference, but Wilfried must be able to keep his eyes open. 

Just before Salamanca, about 30 kilometres off the motorway, I discovered a reservoir that is ideal for an overnight stay. Only 7 km detour and a true natural paradise on one side lined by snow-covered mountains, on the other side hills with villages scattered around. In the middle there is the Embalse de Santa Teresa. On one of the headlands our Big Fredi is now standing, the tyres already very close to the water and offers us our driving quarantine.

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