We’re not getting out of here that fast.

Blog entry 7.3.2020

Today is already Saturday, March 7th and we are still on the beach of Bordeira. 

Loes, who spends her waiting time for her seasonal job at the restaurant Cato, gave Face Europe the honour on Monday.

Face Europe No. 120-work in progress-Loes-after 20 min
Face Europe No. 120-work in progress-Loes-after 50 min
Face Europe No. 120-work in progress-Loes-after 90 min
Face Europe No. 120-work in progress-Loes-after 120 min

For Holland we have already been promised a place at her mother‘s house. Certainly also exciting, because her mother is a puppeteer. 

Otto and Eva from Styria also got lost on “our” beach and accompanied us to this week’s pizza party.
Yes, it is already a tradition to walk to Gianluca and Emanuela once a week and to encourage as many other guests as possible to come along for a delicious pizza. 

This time there were ten of us who walked the 1.5 km. 

2 other couples were quickly persuaded to come along. They were all enthusiastic about the delicious pizza and the cosy ambience. 

On Wednesday the atmosphere at Big Fredi was a little bit sagging and nobody wanted to work. We would have rather rested and maybe even taken a little nap. Dorothé, Jaap’s partner, was also not quite convinced of the result for the time being and shouted: “that’s me?”

Face Europe No. 121-work in progress-Dorothe-after 40 min
Face Europe No. 121-work in progress-Dorothe-after 70 min
Face Europe No. 121-work in progress-Dorothe-after 120 min

But with the right distance she recognized herself and the interview was also very honest and cordial with her. 

When signing at the car, we realized that we should have put Holland further up the car, because all the Dutchmen so far are grown very tall.

Loes signed on Big Fredi

Thursday was a quiet day. 

On Friday we were invited to “Panela” at Gianluca and Emanuela’s house: a Sicilian national dish made from chickpea flour polenta. It was absolutely delicious. It is made of chickpea flour, water, pepper and salt, which is boiled for 30 minutes like a polenta and stirred firmly. It must then cool in a mould and is then cut into thin strips of about 3 mm and baked floating in the oil. You would not believe how something so simple can taste so delicious.

Meeting at Gianluca and Emanuela

Of course it is proven again: the cheaper and simpler the food is, the more complex is the production. There was also salad and advocado spread in addition to stuffed eggs.

Gianluca makes panela

We would like to invite the two dear friends to an Austrian dinner soon. 

Saturday was all about supply and disposal: Sewage disposal, refueling for Fredi and a lot of shopping for us. Our supplies had already run out completely and Lidl had to be visited. It is a pity that I still could not visit the weekly market in Aljezur. 

Tomorrow it’s our 15th Portuguese: Diogo, the boss of the Cato Restaurant. After we have already heard so much

1 thought on “We’re not getting out of here that fast.

  1. Manfred Pfeffer says:

    Habe heute wieder einmal eure Berichte gelesen; das habe ich gebraucht nach all dem Frust bei uns. Das öffentliche Leben steht still und nachdem die Grenzen dicht sind gibts nicht einmal die theoretische Möglichkeit auszureißen.
    Aber der Sprit kostet weniger als einen Euro….um auch was positives zu sagen
    Genießt die Zeit im Süden, freut mich sehr dass es euch gut geht!
    Im Moment versäumt ihr bei uns nichts.
    Jetzt hoffe ich dass wenigstens der Bierzapfhahn im Dorfgschäft noch nicht gesperrt ist!


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