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Blog entry August 22, 2020:

After a forced break of more than 4 months we are finally on the road again since August 16th, 2020 after having postponed the start many times. 

We have been busy during these months: inside the Big Fredi new benches with lots of storage space. Electrical wiring completely new, expansion of the photovoltaic system by double size. Now we have a total of 960 Wp instead of 300 and are always well supplied with our own electricity 🙂

Passed the TÜV including all necessary repairs. The bathroom completely rebuilt, a new dry compost toilet installed and many many many little things that make our life even more comfortable like the garage with a shelf and boxes, the vehicle room covered with carpet and and and and…

We started our journey with the farewell visit of my mother and then drove across the beautiful landscape to Rabenstein an der Pielach the same evening.


There a visit to Maria was planned. Now we have been here for almost a week, because not only did we receive the warmest welcome from Maria here, we were also welcomed by the community with open arms and next week we have a full program on the stage of Rabenstein. 10 people have registered to become part of Face Europe. 

The community – especially Evelyn – supports us greatly with the possibility of using the stage, with advertising and they also managed to win people for the portraits.

A warm welcome to the community
Evelyn is great! Already during our conversation she designed a poster for our portrait sessions

Now we enjoy the landscape and the friendly people of the community, swim in the great Pielachtalbad, walk in the cultivated landscape, and spend a lot of time with Maria.

Picnic in the green in the evening sun with friends

We are looking forward to the week, which will be the most successful of our project so far. 

During our first overnight stay in Kirchberg an der Pielach we discovered the electric bus of the “Filmchronisten ÖtscherLand”, an equally exciting project. 

Big Frede in front of the stage which is open for Face Europe from Monday

We were able to win them for a cooperation next week, in which we both benefit. While the film chroniclers are interested in history from the Ötscherreich, a part around Ötscher, and are working up the history on film with interviews, digitalizing objects and photos and feeding them to the Mediathek, they can accompany the part we are creating here with 2 people over 80 years of age. We are looking forward to Tuesday, 25.8.2020 at 3 pm to portray the over 80-year-old former mayor, and on Thursday, 27.8.2020 at 10 am to portray the 92-year-old daughter of the former community doctor, while they are also being filmed by the film team. The media presence of NÖN and Momag, the local newspapers, has also already been arranged. 

We are looking forward to a great week and thank everyone who is supporting us so helpfully. 

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