First round in Rabenstein and second attempt 2020

Blog entry 10.9.2020

The time in Rabenstein was indescribable. We encountered so much openness and friendliness there and enjoyed our hearts every day. 

Two portraits a day were so exciting that we did not even notice that we were tired.

Face Europe no. 127-Evelyn
Face Europe nr. 128-Gottfried

On two days Alina and Benedikt accompanied us on behalf of the Film Chronists, the Leader Project Ötscherreich and they supported us in a very respectful and appreciative way. 

The film team of the film chroniclers Ötscherreich in conversation with Lisbeth and Gottfried

On the second evening their drone was also used. When the drone ran out of energy it landed on the roof of the stage. In a daring rescue operation Wilfried managed the recovery with the help of our three-part telescopic ladder stowed in Big Fredi’s belly. Three of us supported the ladder. Wilfried brought the drone safely back down to the ground and the two – by the way, not vertigo-free filmers – were able to pack up their good piece safely again. I believe that in future they will refrain from flying over buildings that are difficult to access at very low energy level of the drone. A squirrel like Wilfried and a ladder are not always on hand! Unfortunately there are no photos or films of the rescue operation. We were all too busy to secure the ladder well. 

We are already very curious about the final result of the film, which Alina and Benedikt are editing.

face europe no. 131-josef
Face Europe No. 137-Kurt-work in progress-after 25 min
face europe no.132-margarete-work in progress after 75 min
Face Europe no. 137-Kurt-work in progress-nach 70 min
Gertrude Face Europe No. 134 at signing
face europe no. 135-bärbel
face europe no. 136-franz
Face Europe No. 133-Katarin-work in progress-after 80 min

The interest in Face Europe was great and also next week 4 more participants signed up.

Face Europe No. 138-Bernhard-work in progress-after 95 min

For Bernhard it was immediately clear that he would participate and on Facebook he dedicated the following comment to us: 

Face Europe No. 138-Bernhard-work in progress-after 135 min

“A week with Lisbeth and Wilfried and Face Europe … ey, what was that actually? 

I can’t say exactly – but it was good. You don’t often have to deal with professional listeners whose service is all over Europe. Is it an art project, an international understanding project, a sustainability project, a social project, a history and documentation project, a … it is all that and a little bit more. It has no framework – neither in time nor in content, it grows with people, develops, knows no boundaries. It lives. 

Thank you very much for your visit and the impressions from our Rabenstein, which you take with you into the distance <3 We will always accompany you.

He got the point exactly in his own wonderful way of expression. Thanks also to you and your dear wife Katarin, in you we have found very special people. If all people had your gifts, there would be no more war on earth. Thank you for your efforts for a fair world for all people, especially the weak, disadvantaged and those who need support.

in the garden of Bernhard

Saturday was again bathing weather and I was able to use the swimming pool and shower to wash my hair. 

In the evening we fled to Kirchberg. The beach volleyball court next to the swimming pool had turned into a fairground and that didn’t do Wilfried’s sensitive ears any good. 

On Sunday our friends Gretl and Markus visited us and I enjoyed a hike including a mushroom hunt including enough mushrooms for a meal.

the prey

Another night in Kirchberg at the Pielach before we moved home on Monday. 

Already during a stopover in St. Pölten we noticed the strange smell coming from the right rear wheel. This is the smell of rubber when it gets too hot. When the handbrake is applied, it stinks just like that. But it wasn’t. We came home “only” to store 4,000 kg of heating material, but Wilfried had to be busy for another day repairing the brake. The cause could not be clearly identified, but the cleaning, i.e. rust removal and making the brake work again, has brought about an improvement. The right tyre still gets a bit hotter than the left one, but no more rubber smell and no more “grinding” when moving the wheel. 

our grey water tank

Also our wonderful blue grey water barrel had said goodbye again and had to be repaired. That cost another half day. I used the time for mushroom hunting with Michaela, who initiated me into the secret mushroom places of her family. I immediately forgot about the places. After all, they are her places and I will probably not be home for the next few years in autumn anyway. 

Michaela and Manfred keep an eye on our house, they take the mail out of the letterbox and see if everything is in order. Our dear neighbour Rosa also keeps an eye on our house from across the street and lets us know if she notices anything suspicious.  

So today, 10 September 2020, we finally managed to really set off for the south. We have come as far as Gaming.

the pitch in Gaming
The view from the car

There we stand in absolute peace, right next to the Kartause. It is an official camper stop with free supply and disposal. Water and electricity for free are not often available!  Thanks to the municipality, which supports and manages this.

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