Barking dogs don’t bite – not always true

Blog entry 23.1.2021

In the west bay of San Lawrenz in the Azure Window bay we enjoyed a pizza on Sunday noon.

The Azure Window no longer exists after the upper part of the rock collapsed away in 2017. But there is still the Inland Sea, a small bay for boats connected to the open sea by a tunnel.

the only lake on Malta-Gozo is filled with salt water

It was far too stormy to stand with our cars, however, and we were only too happy to snuggle up again in Hondoq Bay at the edge of the cliffs that protect us so wonderfully from the north winds. We already call it “the living room” because every return feels like coming home. 

On Tuesday we were able to portray our first Maltese.

Face Europe No.148 – Mario

The Frühauf family (Ingo and Verena) made their flat in Nadur available to us. Afterwards, we cooked and baked for the housewarming party in the evening. Even without drinking alcohol, it was extremely funny when Wilfried told us about the Pasta Rasta religion in Austria.

We imagined becoming members of this religious community and immediately tried out the new headgear, namely pasta sieves from Verena’s kitchen. Not everyone liked the idea of having to wear a noodle strainer and a mask.

The next morning we set off for Ramla Bay, which actually had nothing special to offer. A red sandy beach and only a few parking spaces along the road. Geli and Peter only found the beautiful cave later, which was depicted in the colourful glossy brochure. However, it can only be reached by foot.

We set our sights on the “Blue Window” once again, this time it was not so windy at first and we made quite a varied coastal walk.

Tiny stone houses lined our path and of course had to be inspected from the inside. 

this quarry supplies all the bricks for the houses on Gozo

Arriving at the quarry, we wondered how people and their vehicles get in and out of the area. 

The night became windier and windier again and at 2:00 a.m. Wilfried parked Big Fredi more sheltered from the wind. 

Neither the trip to the duck pond nor to San Blas Bay nor even to the capital Victoria wanted to succeed.

no place for Big Fredi

Due to a misunderstanding between Geli and me, we didn’t end up at a car park but in the middle of the city centre and, somehow annoyed by the traffic, could only head for the way out and into the “living room”.

During a short stop we also met Maria, a Maltese woman, who spontaneously agreed to a Face Europe appointment for tomorrow at 2 pm. 

In Hondoq Bay, the two other motorhomes and we were reunited again. 

On Friday, Wilfried and I wanted to hike into the beautiful valley to the east of us and I inspected the restaurant in the bay before actually setting off. There was a man inside and I wanted to know if maybe it would be open the upcoming weekend.

I only registered the 3 sleeping, chained dogs when one attacked me and bit in my knee. 

Rescue, hospital, stitches and a tetanus booster shot were the business of the day. There was no more going for a walk. 

Put my leg up and rest it for the time being. 

But after a good night’s sleep, we were able to make up for it with a trip to Victoria, a visit to the Citadel and lunch together.

Peter chauffeured us and there was no need for us to search for a parking space, which was very relaxing.

The food was also excellent: chicken breast in honey, garlic and balsamic, a very balanced flavour. 

Now we are back in the living room, tomorrow is check-up at the hospital, where I will be taken by the dog’s owner. After that, Face Europe with Maria.

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