Gozo, a natural paradise

Blog entry 12.1.2021

Near the ferry on the Malta side, we explored the red “castle” on the hill about 2 km away.

It turned out to be St. Agatha’s Tower and was an open museum. A bulwark against enemies and dedicated to the martyr Agatha.

In general, Malta is a Catholic country, as evidenced by 365 churches throughout the country, which does not even have the size of Vienna. 

On the way to the museum we discovered a ruined hotel, which of course the big and small children wanted to explore. 

The way back went along the coast, past a cave. The walk was also rewarded with a picturesque sunset. 

View from Malta to Gozo

On Sunday, we wanted to take the ferry to Gozo, the smaller of the two islands, with our 4 motorhomes. We had to wait for one ferry, because we were all just too high for the next one.

There is a lot of ferry traffic between Malta and Gozo

The crossing only took about 20 minutes and another 20 minutes to the biofarm, which was on the way to the next parking place. There we finally got some organic oranges, which were made into jam, syrup and oranjello the same day. 

Lisbeth and Verena in happiness


The solar panels also had to be cleaned again

Marsalforn offered us shelter for one night.

For the next day, we all agreed to walk to the pizzeria together and enjoyed sitting outside and eating without a masquerade.

Hardly a local is to be found without a mask

They are much stricter about masks than in Sicily. The police seem to be everywhere, and no sooner are you found without a mask than you are reprimanded. Only in the restaurants there are no viruses. That’s really fine. The viruses simply have good manners and stay away from restaurants. 

At least there are open restaurants and shops for that.

I hit a shop and bought us 2 new T-shirts and in the next shop I supported a Gozetan woman by buying a pair of baggy trousers for me. The fabric is comfortable, red and painted with white elephants. There is also a pocket, big enough for my mobile phone. 

Immediately after returning from our joint excursion, we set out one bay further to the salt pans of Triq ich-Xwejni, an unpronounceable name with a beautiful bay.


Ingo told us that the water there was bathtub temperature and made us curious. So I hiked to the bathtub with the Frühauf family. Well – I don’t let Ingo fill my bathtub with water, it was freezing cold.

Only Ingo and Verena swam. It was too cold for me and the undercurrent under a cave would have seemed too dangerous.

So we climbed the 56 steps again – dutifully counted by Matthilda – and trotted along the sea back to the car park. We passed some cars filled with people, just staring into the landscape, i.e. at the sea. It is a habit for the Maltese to do this as a leisure activity: sitting in the car and looking at the sea. 

In general, the Maltese and Gozetans are very fond of cars. They drive their cars into the most remote corners and onto cliffs. Maybe the cars are already born there, because sometimes it’s hard to imagine how they got there.  

A huge motorhome with English licence plates was already parked at the car park when we spread out there with our 4 cars. When the owner came back with his motorbike in the evening, I immediately spoke to him. He answered in German and it turned out that he (Mick) is English and his wife Lisa Australian. They lived in Malta for 2 years 20 years ago and know Gozo and Malta very well. They gave us a list of geo-data of pitches along with a map of where these pitches are. Unfortunately, they went back to Malta today to have their car repaired. We exchanged contacts and hopefully we will meet again. 

We also left the north of Gozo, as rain and storms are forecast from the northwest. So we went to the parking lot at Hondoq Bay, where we liked it right away. From here you can see the smallest of the 3 islands: Comino. 

View of the island of Comino where 3 people live

Further explorations await us. Hopefully we are well protected from the storm and rain that is forecast for the next few days and we can feel very comfortable here again.

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