The rain has us firmly in its grip

Blog entry 9 October 2020

Yesterday morning, after a short walk to the town of Petrovac,

which has a beautiful centre with old houses built tightly into the hillside and a promenade as well as a small church at the harbour, we set off towards Albania. 

From Petrovac, a steep road leads back over the mountains to Podgorica. Just here the sky cleared up and we could see the sea. Podgorica lies in the plain not far from Lake Skardarsko. 

Once again we went uphill to the border with Albania. 

No border officials had ever been as friendly as they were here. The PC system had just crashed and we had to wait a few minutes at the Albanian side, but just after our names had started to be entered into a thick book instead of the PC, the system started again and our names (not simply with the “ö “s) could be typed in. The fact of the big book shows that system crashes seem to happen more often. The friendly official wished us a good journey and off we went into an unknown country. 



Soon after the border in Bajzë, park4night recommended a Vodafone shop for buying internet data. And finally it worked. We got 20 GB for 3 weeks and with my mobile phone I can now work normally, as if my Austrian provider was in the background. Even 4G speeds are standard. 

Then we drove through the city of Shkodër. An experience of a different kind. Traffic rules are only recommendations. Cyclists principally drive in the wrong direction and come towards you on the right as well as on the left side of the road.

They look absolutely fearless, as if they were travelling among a hord of angels. Nothing really happened either. In no other country – except perhaps in India – such behaviour can be observed. And the traffic volume is really not comparable with India.

Although we were travelling right at rush hour, it was brisk, and a highly concentrated, driving.

Wilfried drove through the city like an old Albanian. Nevertheless, we were glad to have found the Arbria restaurant in Park4night by the lake. 

We were allowed to use the car park for the night. The 2 pizzas including 2 drinks and a dessert cost about 11 €. 

Now it is raining quietly. The weather forecast indicates the same weather for the next 9 days. Time to read, blog, knit or sew. As it is not cold, it is bearable for some time.

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