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Blog entry 23 October 2021

Once again we have found a place to live. 

The large group of friends around Marin, made up of interesting young people between 20 and 30 years old, actively supports us with their life stories, which they are happy to share with us.

Face Europe No. 183-Marc
work in progress Face Europe No. 183-Marc
Face Europe No. 184-Geri
work in progress Face Europe No. 184-Geri
work in progress Face Europe No. 185-Emanuela
Face Europe No. 186 – Marin
Face europe No. 187 – Geni
work in progress Face Europe No. 187-Geni

Washing machine drum as a fireplace is very practical

And so every evening we sit around the campfire, whose vessel consists of a laundry drum. 

The travelling people change every day. It is a coming and going. In the beginning it was mostly adults, but a few days ago Belgian and Dutch families and French cyclists showed up.

On Friday afternoon, I went for a long walk with Yolanda from Netherland. She was also my protector against the many stray dogs, which are sweet but a nuisance. As a dog owner, she knows how to behave. The almost 10 km route went without complications. The shopping in town was very successful. There is now enough fruit and chestnuts in the house again.

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