Finally in Italy

Blog entry 29.9.2020

The time in St. Veit was relaxed and easygoing.

Wilfried was able to get in touch with some old acquaintances and friends this time after all. On Sunday the 20th of September we were with Robert and Birgit at the Maltschacher See, walked around the lake twice and went swimming one last time for this year’s season. 

On Monday we picked up Kurti from the hospital in Villach. He did not want to eat anything and just wanted to arrive home in peace. Only from Tuesday to Saturday we cooked for him and for the freezer for another week. Wilfried’s niece Jaqueline gave us a big bag of mushrooms as a present. I cooked bread dumplings, once with mushrooms as sauce and once as goulash. Kurti enjoyed the shared meals, because we brought all the missing ingredients and cooking utensils from Big Fredi every day. So we could work in his kitchen and eat together at his place. That distracted him a little bit from his strong pain after the operation. On Saturday we saw him laugh for the first time. 

We used the mornings and afternoons for visits. 

Friday evening with Jürgen and Elke was wonderful. We expected a cuddly night with our heating, but: especially in the coldest night and pouring rain it failed. 

Saturday was the last cooking session at Kurti. We celebrated it with “Schnitzeln and potato salad”. What was left over was enough for him for 3 days. 

On Sunday in the morning the next problem: the whole garment in the hanging box got wet. Water must have penetrated from above through the roof during the heavy rain during Friday night. 

We were just standing at the car park in front of the castle Hochosterwitz. Birgit and Robert fetched the wet laundry and subjected it to a fresh air cure in their garden. Wilfried sealed the leak in the roof at a cable duct and the lord of the castle watched from above. After 2 hours the roof was sealed again and the excursion with Robert and Birgit in the short version was still possible. We hiked a bit to Sörg to the waterfall and to the “Zechnerin” for lunch.

The clothes were already dry when we returned to Birgit’s house and not yet wet again from the evening dew. Ideal for putting things away again. 

Now there was only the problem with the heating left. 

Thanks to Mister Google we quickly found a great camping shop with a very friendly and competent owner and on Monday morning we were able to buy a transferred heater and install it ourselves. Now everything fits in Big Fredi again and after another visit to Thomas and Marion near Lake Faak we finally left this morning for the Italian border. No problem at the border. We drove through the canal valley via Tarvis, Gemona, Udine along the SS13 and the lunch break we chose as our base for the night. 140 km daily stage are quite enough. 

We decided to take the ferry from Ancona. On the spot the crossing to Greece (Patras) will be clarified.

Our goal is to be in Greece at the beginning of October. 

Everything will be exciting again. Stay tuned! We are looking forward to tell you about our further adventures.

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