Lemons! Sour makes you funny!

Blog entry 16.12.2020

Verena, Ingo and the two girls Serafina and Matthilde have returned.

They have given up the plan to travel to Tunisia by ferry. There would have been too many corona-related restrictions that they didn’t want to put themselves through. And so they decided to come back to us after a round trip around Sicily. So the girls are scurrying all over the place again, Mathilda is bonding with all of them and even Lasse has playmates again. But the poor guy got sick last night. The last molars want to come out and are tormenting him with fever. Yes, that’s how it is with children. It’s always exciting and thrilling. 

Good organic lemons we got from Salvatore

Today Verena and I cooked lemon jam and lemon syrup with the help of the girls. Delicious! The whole place smelled deliciously of lemons and the syrup infused with mineral water is reminiscent of Sprite or Keli Zitron.

So drinking has become a little more attractive again. After a while, it gets boring to drink only tea or water. 

Tomorrow we say goodbye to Josef and Christiane. They want to go back to Germany and hope to return at the end of January. 

Who knows what Covid will bring. 

Verena, who is getting tired of the cramped conditions in the Mercedes Sprinter, wanted to rent a Bed & Breakfast for 1 – 2 weeks, but that is impossible. All hotels and other accommodations are closed. 

We are lucky that we are allowed to stay here in Oasi Pacaru and that the lockdown does not affect us. We always have our house with us and are self-sufficient. The only things we really need are drinking water, food and diesel. 

Of course, it would also be important to have Italians to take portraits. We are confident that this will come. 

We are also speculating about travelling on to Malta in January. Then we could also include Malta, so to speak. 

Of course, all this still depends on the authorities and the Corona figures. 

It remains exciting. 

For the time being, we will enjoy the days here until the beginning of January and then see what happens. 

Stay tuned and feel free to follow us. We look forward to your comments. 

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