We drive, drive, drive. Getting closer and closer to Sicily.

Blog entry 29.11.2020

This morning we got on the road early.

Claudia called to the Halali at 8 am! Also in competition with the gathering hunters, who were loudly shouting next to our cars while collecting. Via Itri we passed the beautiful castle, which was better visible today than yesterday evening, and then we drove on very bad roads around Naples. It was raining and we were permanently shaken. This main road has not seen asphalt for the last 20 years. The holes remain and only the left lane can actually be used without any major damage to the car. Luckily we were mostly alone on this 2-lane road and could choose the best slalom line. It was very exhausting. Also the whole area looked run-down, poor and rather desolate. The Vesuvius wrapped itself in a blanket of rain. Pompei, closed anyway because of Corona, was only vaguely to suspect.

When we had a lunch break at the only well-kept house – a brand new Lidl store – we unanimously decided to try the next stage on the motorway. It was already after 2 p.m. and as if by magic all people had suddenly disappeared from the streets. What happens on Sunday 29.11.2020, the first Sunday in Advent, that suddenly drives people back into their homes? We couldn’t explain it to ourselves, but we enjoyed the impeccable and by the way deserted motorway A2. Our sleeping place at the car park of a small single church is only guarded by 2 stray dogs.

They are spoiled by Claudia with all sorts of treats and of course they don’t leave our cars and their trusting look always softens Claudia’s heart. Every time she switches back and forth between our cars, she has to save the poor creatures from starving to death. 

Claudia and I also moved around the area after our arrival, sinking into the freshly poured forest soil with our shoes into the mud, but the movement in the air did us good. Only the air was not good. Although we are in the middle of the mountains – surrounded by woods and meadows – the air was quite bad. Inversion weather pushes the smoke near to the ground and it stinks miserably. 

Hopefully it will be better tomorrow, when supposedly sunshine will come again. 

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