Farewell from year 2020 and from Oasi Pacaru

Blog entry 2 January 2021

Farewell from year 2020 and from Oasi Pacaru

Now we have also made it through this turn of the year. What an extraordinary year it has been for all of humanity. And really no one can be exempt from that. Corona had us firmly in its grip, not a day without news about the pandemic. The virus has not yet been eradicated – it will probably remain with humanity – but relief through vaccination seems to be in sight. 

What has been happening with Face Europe? 

Well, after Christmas we were officially allowed back on the road and Eva, Verena, Geli and I immediately took advantage of that for a trip to the handicrafts shop. Wool is the name of the project of desire. Our addiction to crochet and knitting wants to be satisfied. Beautiful works are in the making and we women spend several hours of the day working alone or together. The weather is splendid, women love to work in the sun. 

The days fly by. 

On 28.12.2020, the last portrait of the year for Face Europe is created. It is Marcin, our Polish neighbour, who is always in the mood for a joke, but in the evening he tells us his life story in all seriousness. 

Very interesting interview with Marcin – Face Europe nr. 147
Face Europe No. 147 – Marcin


As the most beautiful Pole on the campsite, he cuts a great figure and is happy that we mention him in the blog. Otherwise he would have been really offended!

Marcin not only saw himself in the portrait – his father also looked at him

On the last day of the year, a fierce wind blew. Wilfried wanted to put the blog on the net and sat down at a table by the reception when a violent gust of wind tore the laptop across the table and slammed it onto the chair next to it. The screen broke. A serious damage, because this is our only device to operate the homepage. 

What a coincidence that Richard just doesn’t need his second TV set and trades it to Wilfried for 2 portraits for himself, which Wilfried can make for him during two more video evenings in the next few days. The screen thus becomes Wilfried’s property and replaces the computer screen until it is repaired.

The first portrait of Richard

We quickly bought the right HDMI cable from the Chinese and Wilfried can work on the laptop again. 


The fireworks every evening around us become more and more intense before they are furiously increased until midnight on New Year’s Eve. You don’t notice much of a lockdown. 

On each of 4 cinema evenings, Wilfried draws a portrait that does not belong to Face Europe.

The Saint and the Monk

They were simply created out of his great desire to portray and to work on the screen.

The 2nd portrait of Richard was made during a serious film / Balzac and the Little Dressmaker

Richard likes the work very much. He no longer has a screen to offer social cinema evenings, but he has 2 portraits whose value increases with time. The two portraits show 2 of his different sides, one 

is cheerful and one is serious. 

The cinema film of New Year’s Eve was very entertaining: “Oh brother where art you”. After the cinema, there were again vegetarian and vegan delicacies prepared by all who wanted to join in. The fire and the mulled wine provided the appropriate temperature.  

New Year’s Day became milder and unclouded sunny again.

Salvatore, the pitch owner surprised us with a champagne reception with delicious panettone and pandoro. He referred Corona to the year 2020 and left behind the fear of contagion in the Old Year. He clearly enjoyed seeing such a nice community grow together like a family.

Otto and Eva will travel with Verena’s family to Catania tomorrow and from there take the already booked ferry to Malta. Hopefully we will meet them there when our oranges arrive from Spain and we take the ferry from Pozzallo to Malta. 

on it goes

Today was the end of our month in Oasi Pacaru and we had a fond farewell. 

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